It is every Businesspersons dream to have constant sales, activity, and honest marketing.  I would like to introduce you to, an Internet marketing platform with online since 1994.  With 1,000,000 +- Business to Business contacts.  Currently, we are now offering B2B, B2C AND C2C also.  We have KEPT the old fashion look   

All we do is offer an easy platform to list, sell and purchase.  

COST?  Yes of course, all standard listings are free!  Optional advertising $ posted on site at addition low costs.  And when you SELL, we charge a Sellers commission between 1% and 7%, based on a sliding scale. Pretty low cost.  

That comes out to $200.00 for a $20,000 sale (1% FINAL SELLING COMMISSION) !



About Us has been here, on line since 1994. 

We reopened this year 2021, with new software, hardware, better security, and faster speeds, etc.® has our own Trademark, and we also Honor all Trademarks

Please sign up, come list, sell, purchase and we try to be the least costly site available, running Professionally.

Thank You for join in with us.