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  • "I'm looking forward to Surplus.com improving the selling process over what we have used in the past. I'm tired of the Facebook/Craigslist problems and issues plaguing those sites. I'm optimistic about this new way of selling."

    Brian Budzisz

    President, Brian Edward Landscaping, Inc.

  • "Buying on Municibid has always been straightforward and easy. I had always wished there was a similar site for non-municipal entities to utilize and now we have one. I’m looking forward to using Surplus.com for selling, expecting a similarly great experience."

    George Logue

    George E. Logue LLC

  • "I have used Municibid for several years and have always found my purchases to be as represented, and the transaction easy to complete. When presented the opportunity to become a Founding Member of Surplus.com, I jumped at the chance to see what products I might be able to sell and purchase for help in growing my business."

    Christopher A Price

    Smiley Tire & Retreading

Why Join Surplus.com?

Our secure, verified-business-only marketplace uses proven methods to streamline the buying and selling process to offer unbeatable value to businesses dealing in used equipment and surplus goods. We believe in it so much, we're offering you one trial item listing free of charge. Completely risk-free. No credit card required. Just sign up, get verified, and you're good to go!

Surplus.com was built for you by the folks at Muncibid. For 18 years Municibid has been one of America’s most trusted online auction marketplaces for governments and schools to sell surplus. Now with Surplus.com, we're finally able to bring that same tried-and-true approach to a private listing marketplace for businesses.

"As we all know the existing platforms just don’t cut the mustard any longer.

Selling medical and industrial equipment and supplies on a number of platforms for the past 16 years, we are beyond excited to begin working with Surplus.com.

We have bought on Municibid.com for years and have always appreciated their professionalism on every level of their business. We have said for years a new platform was needed for technical products for small businesses and the team at Surplus.com has read our mind."

John Sliwoski

Owner, Resellers of America

Buying & Selling Without the Hassle

Every Surplus.com member is a verified business. Deal with real people, not scammers.

A marketplace free of junk and low value items. Buy and sell stuff you really want.

Enhanced Marketing

Connecting sellers with the right buyers, our marketing team does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Customize your own branded storefront which can be linked to your website, email newsletter, social media, and more.

Personalized Support

Customer support from actual people who care. Get the hands-on help you need via phone, email, and chat.

On-demand pricing assistance for when you need help understanding your items' current market value.


Premium Classified Listings

Create premium classified listings which look clean and professional.

Set fixed pricing and negotiate directly with buyers.

Visual Example of a Listing

Enhanced Marketing

At no cost to you, Your items are proactively marketed to relevant businesses on a local, regional, and national level!
  • Paid Social Media Marketing

  • Paid Search Engine Marketing

  • Category-Specific Publication Marketing

  • Direct Mail & Email Marketing


Our Pricing is Clear and Simple. Always.

We believe pricing should be up-front and transparent. Always. Choose from three affordable membership plans, tailored to fit your needs.




Unlimited Buying

Free Trial Item Listing

No listing fees, commissions,
or hidden costs.

Enhanced Marketing for
Free Trial Item Listing

Impressive Personalized Support You’ll Appreciate



Per Year

Unlimited Buying

Unlimited Item Listings for up to 5 Locations

No listing fees, commissions,
or hidden costs.

Enhanced Marketing
for Item Listings

Impressive Personalized Support You’ll Appreciate


Contact Sales

For Pricing

Unlimited Buying

Unlimited Item Listings for 

No listing fees, commissions,
or hidden costs.

Enhanced+ Marketing for
Item Listings

Impressive Personalized Support You’ll Appreciate

Inventory Assesment

Done-for-You Upgraded Item Listings with Professional Photos & Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost to sell?

Surplus.com sellers pay an affordable annual membership fee. There are no listing fees, sales commissions, or buyer fees. You keep 100% of your proceeds.

What is the cost to buy?

A buyer membership is free. There are no buyer's fees or other charges.

How many items can I list?

With a seller membership, you can list an unlimited number of items for sale for up to 5 of your locations.

What items can I list?

You can list in a wide array of categories on Surplus.com. We do not allow firearms or ammunition. If you don't see a proper category for your items when listing, please let us know. 

Is Surplus.com an auction service?

No. Surplus.com is a premium classifieds service. Sellers set asking prices. Interested buyers can make offers. There is no bidding.

Do you offer a free trial for sellers?

Yes! We believe the best sales approach is to let the product speak for itself. Our Free membership plan now offers one free trial item listing so you can experience the the value of Surplus.com for yourself, risk-free. No credit card required. Don't just take our word for it. Try it for free today!

What are the requirements to join?

Only businesses can be members of Surplus.com. At a minimum, you’ll need to be registered as a sole proprietor.

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