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1963 US Proof Set Cameo

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Green Gaithersburg, MD US
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1963 Proof Set

1963 Proof Set

In 1963, sales of Proof Sets dropped from the 1962 high of 3,218,019 Sets to just slightly over 3,000,000. Demand for the 1963 sets was slow in the first half of the year, but picked up dramatically in the second half of the year. Unfortunately, in order to meet the demand, the Mint shut down orders on October 1, freezing out some last-minute buyers. 1963 was the last year for the Franklin Half Dollar design, although no one knew that at the time. Had they known, the mintage for the year might have been even higher.

Each set contained five coins: One example each of the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Washington Quarter, and Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar.

About the sets: 1963 Proof Coins are found with Brilliant, Cameo and Deep Cameo surfaces. Deep Cameo Proofs are the most desirable Proofs. While very scarce, these coins are highly sought out by collectors.

Buy 1 to 50 sets of my listing of coins and the cost of shipping is $8.95 total


Mintage: 3,075,645 sets

Some 1963 Proof Sets may contain a rare Doubled Die Reverse Cent (examine "ONE CENT", "FG" [the designer's initials], and "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"). Dimes offer the potential of three different rare Doubled Die Reverses (examine "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "ONE DIME"). A different rare 1963 Doubled Reverse Dime shows evidence of doubling on all the reverse lettering, the torch and leaves.

Beware of buying unopened 1963 Proof Sets. "Sealed" Sets are likely to contain substituted coins (and even non-coins).

Flat packs should be examined for small tears or cracks in the pliofilm. Even a hole the size of a pin can let in oxygen or moisture, both of which will react chemically with the metal of a coin, causing unsightly spots.

Original packaging: Each coin was sealed in its own compartment between two sheets of flat pliofilm. An octagonal, foil seal imprinted with "US MINT PHILADELPHIA" was placed in a sixth compartment, and the flat pack was then inserted into a mailing envelope with a card."

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