About Us

Surplus.com, PrintLeaders.com and David Green Realty.com

Started in 1994 and by 1998 we had over 1,000,000 members.


Surplus, Inc.

As a eCommerce Venue site we try to offer the best deals anywhere to be found.

Surplus, overstock, liquidations, NEW, leftovers, returns etc.

We try to offer it all.

Starting in Real Estate; new, old, forclousures, residential, commercial, farmland, land, offices, leases, rental, Real Property is NUMBER 1

David Green Realty.com is offering personal and business listings for anyone selling or looking for property to sell, purchase, lease, rent, Investment, Businesses, Auction, Commercial, Industrial, etc.  List all properties plus a photos.  Additional photos and special marketing is optional at low cost posted prices. IF we do not sell it, I will REFERE you free, to a SPECIALIST in your area and location as needed, anytime. Specializing in Auctions service to get the best exposer and outlets for selling.,

Printleaders.com, is a business site offering printing and equipment, Advertising specialties and REBUILT (not refilled) Toner Cartidges and inks to the world.  Since 1990 working for you!


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